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Rev. Dr. David O. Guss, Fr., Ph.D.

Pr. Guss has spent most of his professional career concentrating  transformational ministry.  Pr. Guss holds a B.A. Degree in Elementary Education from Messiah College, Grantham, PA, an M.Ed. Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, an M.Div. Degree in Theology and Pastoral Care from Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, Columbia, SC, an Ed.S. Degree in Mental Health Counseling Barry University, Miami, FL, and a Ph.D. Degree in Marriage, Family, and Couples Counseling and Therapy from Barry University, Miami, FL.  Pr. Guss is also a state licensed school counselor and conducts counseling as a private practitioner.

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Rev. Dr. David O. Guss, Fr., Ph.D.
Donna Enterline  - -  Church Council Member

My name’s Donna J. Enterline and I moved from the great state of Texas to sunny South Florida in 1940 when I was just 8 years old.  I’ve previously worked in a church kindergarten and a variety of other places over the years and currently enjoy my position as a Walmart cashier.  I’m an avid bird watcher and amateur photographer and South Florida provides a beautiful environment for such hobbies.

I am grateful for the companionship at Bethlehem and the messages shared on Sunday mornings by Pastor Guss.  My hope is that our beloved church will grow in numbers as we share the message of Christ.
838 W. Hallandale Beach Blvd., Hallandale Beach, FL 33009  |  954-454-2954  |  Info@BLCHallandale.org
Rev. Dr. David O. Guss, Fr., Ph.D.

Bettie Sapienza     Administrative Assistant
Church Council Member

Winona duCille      Church Council Member

Becky Tinlin           Church Council Member

Donna Enterline     Church Council Member

Lillie Langley Church Council Member

Pr. Garold Carter   Church Council Member

Trish Murdoch        Church Council Member
Bettie Sapienza  - -  Administrative Assistant, Church Council Member

I’m Bettie Sapienza and I joined Bethlehem Lutheran Church in 1954 when I moved to south Florida from New Jersey.  In the many years I’ve lived in Hallandale I’ve seen many changes.  I began working as a secretary in the church office, served as a council member and now serve as an Administrative Assistant.  I worked for many years for the Broward County School Board as a bus driver and then as the Manager/ Treasurer for the City Credit Union in Hallandale.

I’ve always been very active in my community; I enjoyed bowling, won my share of trophies and valued the friendship and camaraderie with my teammates.  Bethlehem has been a big part of my life for 6 decades now and I thank God for all the blessings he has given me and my family.  Last year our church moved to a new location and our new church home continues to be a blessing to all who come through our doors.
Winona duCille  - -  Church Council Member

I am Winona Jones duCille, a native of Jamaica West Indies.  I grew up in Jamaica but lived in a number of foreign countries for some time.   I now reside in North Miami Beach, Florida.  I attended parochial and private schools in my early education, then continued college and graduate work successfully.  Professionally, I practiced in health care and church work and am now retired.

My parents helped me to make Sunday school and church a part of my earliest years and I have chosen to make the church central to my lifestyle.  I now attend Bethlehem Lutheran Church and am very satisfied with this fellowship as a place of worship and service to God.

Overall, I am strongly family centered.  I have five brothers, two sisters and many nephews and nieces.  I also have five stepsons, two stepdaughters and many grandchildren.  There is hardly a year, for some time now, that I do no attend a wedding, baptism or some special celebration in the family.  Most of my family attends church regularly and I encourage the youth and young adult family members to take their faith seriously and to find a church home for fellowship among Christians.

I have multiple social interests such as the arts, business, politics, etc.  I also have a few hobbies such as taking long walks, watching golf and tennis, but I mostly enjoy reading a good book, the Scriptures, spending time in prayer, listening to all kinds of music with friends or just in quiet solitude.  Life is good, God is great and I am having a ball living in the 21st century with or without a cell phone.
Becky Tinlin  - -  Church Council Member

I am Church Council member Becky Tinlin. I moved to Hallandale Beach, Florida in 2004 from Cleveland, Ohio. I spent 20 of my years in Ohio working at NASA Glenn Research Center, a very rewarding enjoyable career with no two days ever being alike. The nasty Cleveland weather was the deciding factor for me moving south as I do not like snow, ice and cold. I love the sunshine and the casual life I lead in south Florida.

I am an accomplished writer, writing everything from prose, to poetry, to life’s little happenings, have had some poetry published and am now working on a semi-autobiographical novel. I read everything I can, I enjoy music of all kinds, I love to cook and bake, but most importantly I love being on the Bethlehem Lutheran Church Council and involved in all the ministries of the church. I know first-hand, up close and personal that BLC is a very peaceful, loving church that offers much to those who want a journey with God and to be surrounded by others who want the same thing. Please feel free to contact me and I will answer your questions and share with you my Bethlehem Lutheran experience.
Lillie Langley  - -  Church Council Member

My name is Lillie Langley.  I moved here to Sunny Isles Beach, Florida in 1992 to retire after working in New York for 50 years.  I had a successful catering business and real estate school.  I was also very active in Swedish folk dancing and teaching children to dance and sing Swedish songs.  The high light of every year was our huge Lucia Fest held on December 13th.  We did many performances at church, hospitals, home for the aged and not forgetting Ikea.

Wanting to keep active here in Florida, I started a social club where I lived.  We had Bingo once a week and every couple of months, a party by the pool with hot dogs, music and dancing.  Everyone had a good time.  We took a few bus trips to Key West and other places of interest, and even played Bingo on the bus.
Trish Murdoch  - -  Church Council Member

I am Council member Trish Murdoch. After growing up in North Carolina, I attended Capital University in Columbus, Ohio and Later Lenoir-Rhyne College in Hickory, NC. I have been teaching part-time since 1976 and full-time since 1983. I moved to South Florida in 1987 after a one day vacation to Miami Beach. When I first drove over the Julia Tuttle Causeway, I knew I was home. I flew back one week later, found a job and a place to live. I returned to North Carolina, quit my job, packed up my apartment and my 6 year old son, and have never regretted my decision!

In 1991, my son and I moved into our apartment in Hallandale. I liked the feeling of a “small town within a big city”. We joined Bethlehem Lutheran a few weeks later and Sean was actually confirmed there. Eventually, we drifted away, but this past September, when my father came to live with me, he said he would like to go to church. We both fell in love with the welcome we received and have become active involved members of this wonderful, loving, Christian community.
Pr. Garold Carter  - -  Church Council Member

I am Council member The Rev. Gary Carter. I grew up in South Western Kansas. I dropped out of school about two weeks into the ninth grade and joined the Marine Corps and fought in WWII. During the Korean War I went back into the Marines and served until I had had finished 25 years. During my time in the Marines, I was able to pass the G.E.D. test for high school and began taking college courses. After I retired from the Marine Corps, I enrolled in college at East Carolina University. After graduating from college, I went to seminary in Columbus, Ohio. Following graduation, I accepted a call in Mocksville, NC where I served for 12 years in a mission congregation. I then accepted a call to a larger church in Conover, NC, a congregation that was suffering from a very bad situation.

I was able to clear-up the problems at Conover and retired. I moved back to the eastern part of NC and again accepted a mission call in Newport for another 3 years. Unfortunately, the congregation was unable to become self-supportive and it was decided by the synod that the mission should close.

I continued to live in Newport until my wife of 64 years passed away. I then moved to Hallandale Beach too stay with my daughter, Trish Murdoch. I found a congregation that I fell in love with, and I intend to stay. I have never felt the Holy Spirit more than here at Bethlehem Lutheran!